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Landlord and eviction law

San Francisco Bay Area cities have arguably the most complex rent and eviction regulations in the United States. At Jacobson Law PC, we counsel landlords on successfully navigating those regulations. Whether you are an owner seeking to evict a tenant, issue a rent increase notice, or handle a matter at the Rent Board, Jacobson Law PC has the experience to help. We regularly counsel landlords on issues such as owner and relative move-in evictions, subletting, nuisance, illegal use, waste, and security deposits. We also defend Landlords against lawsuits from tenants based on wrongful eviction, breach of contract, tenant harassment, and habitability claims.


It’s not uncommon for a dispute to arise from the sale of real estate. Parties may fail to perform or breach the contract, sellers may fail to disclose or misrepresent important facts, or a party to the sale may change their mind and want out of the transaction as the result of fraud or mistake. As experienced litigators, we know how to obtain efficient, positive results for our clients on all types of matters involving the purchase and sale of real estate.


Commercial leases present their own unique opportunities for disputes to arise between tenant and landlord, including issues regarding CAM fees, tenant improvements, and renewal options, in addition to other obligations of the parties and violations of the lease. At Jacobson Law PC we represent landlords of commercial units and commercial tenants, such as restaurants, bars, cafes, offices providing professional services, stores, and startups.

Tenant buyouts

Many landlords find it advantageous to negotiate buyout agreements with their tenants. We help landlords comply with the tenant buyout regulations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding cities. At Jacobson Law PC, we call on years of experience negotiating tenant buyout agreements to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible results. We also counsel our clients on determining the value a tenant buyout presents in any given situation.


The attorneys at Jacobson Law PC regularly counsel condo owners on disputes with their Homeowner’s Association and with other members. We strive to seek cost-effective solutions to these matters, and if possible, we do what we can to preserve the relationship between the parties since they will often continue to live in close proximity to one another. Homeowner’s Associations also retain us to help them enforce their governing documents and maintain compliance with applicable laws.

Tree law

The Bay Area is incredibly unique in that many of its cities have laws giving certain property owners a right to sue their neighbors to protect an existing view from being blocked by growing trees. This is a common dispute in the Bay Area because many home owners wish to protect beautiful, and valuable views of the bay and neighboring cities. The attorneys at Jacobson Law PC have successfully resolved these obstruction of view matters. We are also experienced in other tree related matters, including those involving destruction of property and encroachments.

Real Estate Litigation

Property disputes can be among the most frustrating, emotionally driven, and complex legal battles. Whether the dispute or lawsuit involves a bad neighbor, an issue involving title to real property, an easement, or an encroachment, Jacobson Law PC will pursue a strategic, cost-effective solution in your favor. Although these types of disputes can be stressful, our clients rest easy knowing the attorneys at Jacobson Law PC have successfully resolved countless of complex real estate disputes of nearly every variety.

New or prospective owners

Purchasing a rental property in the San Francisco Bay Area can be daunting, particularly for new landlords. We offer consultations to buyers who have questions about purchasing a rental property, being a landlord, dealing with problem tenants, and understanding the San Francisco Bay Area’s rent and eviction controls. We can help potential buyers spot issues and concerns when evaluating properties that are on the market before they make an offer that they might regret later on. We can help make sure you get off on the right foot with your tenants before making costly mistakes.


Master-tenants are tenants who have subleased all or part of their rental unit to a subtenant. They are considered landlords as they relate to those subtenants and they face unique challenges complying with the San Francisco Bay Area’s complicated rent and eviction controls. The best time for a master-tenant to speak with an attorney at Jacobson Law PC is before they begin renting to a subtenant. We can counsel you to make sure you protect your rights and your home. We also represent master-tenants dealing with and evicting problem subtenants.